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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

US About To Get In World War 3 With Russia?

You know the US markets are easily manipulated. Something is strange when the price of gasoline keeps going down. I'm not complaining - I'm saving money on gas every week. But wouldn't you think, by the law of supply and demand, that demand for oil would pick up in the winter when many people are burning heating oil for heat? Who gets hurt by lower oil prices? Russia, Venezuela, and Iran. All US enemies. Bill O'Reilly gloated a few days ago how the Russian economy is nearing a meltdown. Probably by design. Remember how the economy of the old Soviet Union melted down a few years ago? They had thousands of nuclear bombs they could have used, but for whatever reason decided not to. So the same people are trying to pull the same thing again. Will they get away with it again?

The US got away with imposing sanctions on Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, etc. now for many years. So now they're imposing sanctions on Russia and North Korea. The difference is both of these countries have nuclear bombs and the means to deliver them. Sanctions are an act of war and you shouldn't be surprised if someone eventually fights back, even though the US has a massive arsenal of weapons, with troops in over 100 countries around the world. Much like the ancient Roman Empire. Maybe thinking no one will ever dare attack this giant juggernaut. But the Bible says, "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall."

So what can we make of the reports that the US just might, no guarantees mind you, end the long embargo against Cuba? Maybe Russia was trying to talk Cuba into using Cuba as a naval base for an attack. But just in case the US might some day end that hated embargo (don't hold your breath) Cuba likely won't go along with that now. But Venezuela probably will, almost as close to US borders, because they have been a victim of this economic war too. I don't know what will happen any more than anyone else, but I think this is a very dangerous game to be playing. Ancient Babylon, the great world power of that day, was unexpectedly overthrown overnight by a surprise attack by the Medes and Persians. Hopefully if God is about to judge the United States and possibly Israel at the same time he will spare those of us who have nothing to do with these crazy policies. We might call that event the "rapture" maybe. Click on the videos below to watch.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Has A River In China Just Turned Blood Red?

It seems that a river in China has recently turned blood red. This is a fulfillment of Bible prophesy. "This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world, and then shall the end come" Jesus Christ prophesied. Tens of thousands of people are somehow getting converted to Christianity recently in Communist China, I understand. How can this be when China is closed to missionaries and the Bible? Angels are preaching the gospel to the final countries closed to the gospel. This means the end is near. Are you ready, friend? 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

MH 17 Crash Site/Bodies Propaganda?

So a Malaysian airliner was apparently shot down over Ukraine, apparently with a BUK missile system. Immediately Ukraine and the United States, such as Secretary of State John Kerry, blame Russia and Russian separatists. But in a time of a lot of dishonesty, let's examine the facts. Saddam Hussein was supposedly building "weapons of mass destruction" that was used as an excuse to invade his country, yet those "weapons of mass destruction" were never found. Colin Powell went to great lengths to lay out the supposed "facts" that Iraq was manufacturing these "weapons of mass destruction" before the United Nations, and it now appears to have been a massive lie. Could this Ukrainian incident be the same?

The BUK missile system is known to be possessed by the Kiev, Ukraine regime. They are said to have moved it into this area just before the airliner was shot down. What possible motive would Ukrainian rebels have for shooting this plane down? None, but the Kiev, Ukraine regime would have a motive in shooting down the plane and blaming it on rebels and Russia to get world support for them and against Russia and the rebels.

Immediately after the crash the Kiev regime distributed a YouTube video supposedly showing "proof" of a Russian commander talking about how he had shot down the airliner. Now we find that this YouTube video was in fact created the day before the airliner went down. So the Kiev regime knew the plane was going down because they were planning to down it with the elaborate plan to falsely blame this on Russia and Russian separatists. So Hillary Clinton just happens to be in Europe at the time, and she immediately tells the Europeans that this is a good excuse to move away from GazProm natural gas and maybe start imposing sanctions on Russia? Are you starting to smell a rat? Watch the videos below. The second one has a Ukraine air traffic controller suggesting it was the Ukraine military that shot down MH17. But that's not politically correct.

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