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Sunday, July 20, 2014

MH 17 Crash Site/Bodies Propaganda?

So a Malaysian airliner was apparently shot down over Ukraine, apparently with a BUK missile system. Immediately Ukraine and the United States, such as Secretary of State John Kerry, blame Russia and Russian separatists. But in a time of a lot of dishonesty, let's examine the facts. Saddam Hussein was supposedly building "weapons of mass destruction" that was used as an excuse to invade his country, yet those "weapons of mass destruction" were never found. Colin Powell went to great lengths to lay out the supposed "facts" that Iraq was manufacturing these "weapons of mass destruction" before the United Nations, and it now appears to have been a massive lie. Could this Ukrainian incident be the same?

The BUK missile system is known to be possessed by the Kiev, Ukraine regime. They are said to have moved it into this area just before the airliner was shot down. What possible motive would Ukrainian rebels have for shooting this plane down? None, but the Kiev, Ukraine regime would have a motive in shooting down the plane and blaming it on rebels and Russia to get world support for them and against Russia and the rebels.

Immediately after the crash the Kiev regime distributed a YouTube video supposedly showing "proof" of a Russian commander talking about how he had shot down the airliner. Now we find that this YouTube video was in fact created the day before the airliner went down. So the Kiev regime knew the plane was going down because they were planning to down it with the elaborate plan to falsely blame this on Russia and Russian separatists. So Hillary Clinton just happens to be in Europe at the time, and she immediately tells the Europeans that this is a good excuse to move away from GazProm natural gas and maybe start imposing sanctions on Russia? Are you starting to smell a rat? Watch the videos below. The second one has a Ukraine air traffic controller suggesting it was the Ukraine military that shot down MH17. But that's not politically correct.

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

ISIS ISIL Controlled By United States?

Is the Islamic group ISIS, also known as ISIL, secretly controlled by the United States? Did the United States train them in secret bases in Jordan and Turkey? We're hearing that President Obama was considering bombing them, but what is the truth and what is the propaganda? President Maliki of Iraq had waited so long for an ordered shipment of F-16 airplanes to arrive from the United States that he finally cancelled the order and ordered similar airplanes from Russia. Iran has supplied more. Why was Iraq allowed to get so militarily weak that a group like ISIS was able to get so much power? There seems to be evidence that ISIS or ISIL was trained in a secret base in Jordan. They obviously have been heavily supplied, probably by Saudi Arabia. This is a ruthless group, known for beheading Christians. So why has the once Christian nation, the United States, turned to helping anti-Christian forces in Syria and Iraq? The leader of the military in Iran considers ISIS/ISIL to be an American created organization. Watch the videos below.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Flight 370 Conspiracy Diego Garcia Alex Jones

I still think Flight 370 is in Diego Garcia. Here's why. There's really no evidence it's in the Indian Ocean. There were a few pings from something from there. The US could easily have dropped something down there that caused a few pings. No wreckage, no bodies, nothing was ever recovered from the Indian Ocean; probably because it never was anywhere near there. If the plane had crashed in that area it would have to have been some kind of suicide thing. You don't usually commit suicide unless it makes some kind of sense, at least to you. What motive would hijackers have had or either of the pilots? None! 

And then we have Phillip Wood, one of the passengers, sending out a cell phone message claiming the plane had been hijacked, that he was being held prisoner, and that he may have been drugged. And the coordinates from his cell phone message were pretty much exactly Diego Garcia! Diego Garcia is said to be one of the secret prisons the US CIA is said to maintain around the world, and it is top secret, much like Area 51. Obviously with all the airplanes and ships out supposedly looking for missing Flight 370 no one came anywhere near looking at Diego Garcia. Watch the enlightening video below.

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